I’ve been happily married to Gina for 26 years now. Our relationship is unique in that I travel a lot and she’s been a stay-at-home mom. She mostly raised our two boys’ singlehandedly. Blake is now 23 years old and graduated from the University of Ohio this past May. His major is Video Production. His first job is with Peloton Cycles. Brian is 20 and a sophomore at the College of DuPage in the Chicago area. His major is Fine Arts with an interest in computer digital imaging. Our dog, Rocket, had to be put to sleep in December of 2014. Congestive heart failure and old age finally caught up with him. He will be greatly missed. Jimmy, our cockatiel, lives on.

Background - Past and Present

My primary interest has always been exotic animals and a desire to be a zoo vet. I was lucky enough to be accepted as a resident in zoological medicine at UC Davis in California from 1978-1980. Then I moved back to Chicago and became a staff veterinarian at Brookfield zoo from 1980-1985. In 1986, along with Dr’s Richard Nye and Susan Brown, a partnership was formed, and the three of us started Midwest Bird Exotic Animal Hospital in Westchester, IL. At the time, this was the first exclusively exotic animal practice in the Midwest. In 2002, I pursued a mobile, pet bird practice, now called Avian Veterinary Mobile Office. What had been a part time venture since 1980 has now become a full time endeavor. As of 2015, I continue to work a demanding schedule. I remain self-employed and travel more than half the year throughout the United States. This is my 40th year as a veterinarian. As long as my health remains good, I will continue to work into the foreseeable future.

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